Voice Your Mind

Youth Advocacy Campaign & Conference 2021

War Child enables Youth Ambassadors to become the leaders of their communities and gives them a voice on the topic of Mental

Health Psycho Social Support (MHPSS).


10 - 15 Youth will be selected by a Jury of Experts to attend a program of a workshop series to be prepared for creating their own content, raise their voices in front of a bigger audience and activate and strengthen their own communities.


In the Online Youth Conference the Youth Ambassadors will be integrated as speakers and positioned to become the leaders of their youth communities.



  • Call for Applications until 31th of August 2021
  • Selection of Youth Ambassadors until 02nd of September 2021
  • Communication of Youth Ambassadors until 05th of September 2021
  • Online Workshops for Youth Ambassadors  during October
  • Youth Conference November 05. & 06. 2021

War Child Ambassador Michaela DePrince talking to a Youth

You can apply if you:

  • are 16 -25 years old
  • have experienced being a refugee at one point in your life
  • have access to internet or live in an operational / urban area where internet access is available
  • speak English to a point that you can follow, understand and express yourself in English language
  • are motivated to raise your voice and speak for the Youth in front of an audience or in public
  • are excited to co-create change in the community you live in

    How to apply?
    Please send an Email to dannie.quilitzsch @ warchild.de with:
  • your name, contact address, email and age
  • if you are under 18 years old, please also send the contact for your legal guardian
  • additional links you want to add, i.e. programmes you have worked on, projects you are involved in
  • a 2 min video telling us who you are, where you live, what you have in your mind and why you want to participate in the program

War Child Youth Ambassador Homam

Programme for Youth Ambassadors

  • Workshop 1: Welcome to Voice Your Mind
  • Workshop 2: Speaker Coaching with Jules Grant
  • Workshop 3: Storytelling with Edith Löhle
  • Workshop 4 Content Creation with Marvin Neumann

  • Workshp 5: Media Training with Jeroen Kostense, War Child 

Programme for Youth Conference

Day 1:

  • Workshop #1: Activism
  • Workshop #2: Campaigning
  • Workshop #3: Leadership & Community Building

Day 2:

  • Break Out Session: Inner Workout = What is your personal topic / story?
  • Break Out Session: Create & Innovate = What is your vision?
  • Break Out Session Activate & Inspire = Manifsto & Action Plan

Mehr über WAR CHILD


War Child ist eine internationale Expertenorganisation, die bereits seit 25 Jahren Kinder und Jugendliche in und aus Konfliktgebieten unterstützt, eine positive Zukunft zu entwickeln. Unsere Programme legen den Fokus auf Kindesschutz, Bildung und psycho-sozialen Support.


Mit jeder Spende, egal wie groß oder klein, unterstützt du Kinder, die bewaffneten Konflikt erlebt haben. War Child kann als Expertenorganisation evidenzbasierte Programme vorweisen, deren Wirksamkeit wissenschaftlich belegt ist - so ist unser Impact möglichst groß und nachweislich positiv.